The Kentmere Valley.

Secretive in full view.
The Kentmere valley lurked on my horizon from when I first came back to the lakes - an eye catching and often glowering bowl of a valley looming behind the lower and gentler fells from Kendal, protected by the towering 'gates' of its first hills.

Usually dark and inky, set back and looking discouraging above green hills, it only has one old country road in and hardly anywhere to park.

I got nearly halfway round one Winter afternoon, and retraced steps rather than risk being up there in the dark on my own. Just before where it joins the Fairfield horseshoe. I still have to go back and finish that walk, now I'm back in the south lakes I will, but on longer days.

It's been one I've returned to in many sketches though, from the north edges of Kendal when I lived there. The drawing is an early one from the golf course - also a legitimate footpath for heading up to Scout Scar. That's a short walk that punches above its weight, the views are spectacular for little effort apart from the lung busting start up Beast Banks.

Kentmere is an entrancing full stop to the view north.
The Kenmore valley from Kendal Golf Course.