Aira Force

I can't let go.
Aira force is becoming an obsession, I can't resolve it as an image - and I can't let go. I've been there year round, (by virtue of a National Trust membership just for the free parking in the Lakes), sketched, photographed, drawn, painted and printed. I'm still not happy with it and know for a fact it doesn't care one little bit in return.
I saw Dippers here for the first time ever though, something I've always wanted to see - on the upper reaches not on the main falls.
I can't give up, although that alternates with walking away. It's still unresolved.
If I go back to sketch again it may mean crawling to a spot fenced off, not a good example to the visiting crowds, (it's set in a kind of naturalised arboretum/park in its lower reaches).
Can I ignore it?