...a bit of an obsession with rainstorms - but also how the name RockPaperWater came about.
Watching huge rainstorms drag over expanses of landscape, water visually altering the physicality of ancient mountains. It's beautiful and magical, not something to despise and avoid. Most artist end up being more intrigued by the drama rainy days bring than 'postcard perfect' sunshine. I want to commit that interaction of rock and water to paper.
I dallied a while ago with early observations, and it's something I've returned to again with a bit of time to mull possibilities over - and the decision to force my hand by choosing to work in less than hospitable surroundings, a howling wind up Scout Scar looking out to sea in this case. The wind just created camera shakes anyway but the sketch said more about the day than any photo.
In the far distance a huge rainstorm was cramming itself into the Langdale Valley and overflowing, and Kentmere was full of rainbows.
But out to sea was fascinating with rain drifting from the Lyth Valley to Morecambe Bay - all those different manifestations of water playing with light and substance.
Out to Morecambe Bay over Arnside, from Scout Scar - a rainy, stormy sketch.