Returning to an old love in a new way

Flowers, whichever way you look at them.
From Dutch Still Life through to flower arrangements, and the current trends for blowsy bouquets of off-kilter or colour-clashing blooms. I've always loved the former and don't have a garden to grow the latter - but realised I could always create my own. On paper. Unlimited by the seasons, the weather or my RHS plant zone I still find myself oddly tied to some dictates of realism, like the flower itself, no cheating on colour, scale, and botanical factuality.
My St Martins Fine Art flowers paid tribute to historical symbolism, but this new take is pure happiness, just delight in visual combinations of blooms and colours, no worries - not so much as a lurking little harbinger of gloom bug nestled away in the crook of a petal.
Not quite as time consuming to produce as a growing season - but longer than they'd flower, these big works, A1 or as big a single sheet of watercolour paper I can buy, are painstaking, soothingly demanding of patience and detail.
I'm thinking they can be wrapping paper - an unexpected product of the thought processes.
A bouquet of flowers - roses, peonies, dahlias and camellias.